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                “策劃?攝影?設計?視頻”一站式整合服務,常年    合作公司和品牌已達上五百家,在業內享有較高的知名度和客戶美譽度。




                Nanjing Shoude Culture Media Co., Ltd. is an innovative commercial photography and ecommerce visual integrationservice provider. 

                We are located in Wanda,Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It is derived from the love of vision. Shoude has ten years of experience as a 

                photographer and has superb design. Production team,There are also sophisticated product stylists, etc., which provide customers 

                with: "Planning ? Photography ? Design ? Video" onestop integration services. Theannual cooperative companies and brands have 

                reached 500, and they enjoy a high reputation and reputation in the industry.

                Shoude focuses on the use of still life products such as food appliances and cosmetics, and pursues a high degree of light and shadow 

                art. He strives to use the visual display of product depth to perfect the front and rear stages of the image, providing high-quality and 

                efficient services for first-class visual images. 

                Professional quality is the eternal pursuit, excellence is the style of work, and sincere service is the purpose of management.

                Shoude becomes your best visual creation par



                地址:中國南京市水西門大街255號萬達金街東區307商鋪      公司電話:025-86635006      服裝/建筑/等咨詢:18602519770      靜物/菜肴/等咨詢:13951690268
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